For the businesses who have lean budgets, we offer the following special offers: 

  • Basic Commercial Rebate Deal When you sign up for the Basic Commercial Rebate Deal you will receive a rebate for advertising on our in-house programming.

  • Basic Enterprise Live Video Option (up to :60 seconds in total length)

  • Advanced Video Option (up to :90 seconds in total length.

We will produce a video for you which combines a video that you upload.  Your video could be for example your storefront, video of you speaking, or b-roll you want in your overall video.  To upload your video :20 seconds or less, go to and e-mail to


Basic Commercial (Rebate Deal)      Special Price - $800 deposit and $400 rebate


Click the following link for a Advance Building Jewelers  480 resolution video:


Basic Enterprise Live Video:               Special Price-  $375